Our highly skilled operators “bend” to your needs

TMM Precision’s TrumaBend CNC press brake is ideally suited for the forming of parts for use in almost any commercial application.  This Trumpf V85 machine offers a complete bending system with 90 ton capacity and computer controlled programming.


  • On the spot …. Parts can be bent to almost any angle required; capabilities also include multiple bending tasks.
  • On the spot …. Low cost process for adding shape to finished pieces i.e. chassis, panels and brackets.
  • On the spot …. Programs for bending are stored on the computer and used repeatedly to make parts more consistent.
  • On the spot …. Set-up costs and times are reduced as the control program provides information on the tooling needed.
  • On the spot …. Advanced programming calculates and simulates bend sequences producing precision contours, folds, and bends.

TMM Precision’s press brake produces complicated parts effortlessly, resulting in significant increased productivity, lower cost to the customer, and high quality precision parts.