Let us “laser” in on your requirements

TMM Precision’s advanced Laser Metal Cutting System is a 3000 Watt Trumpf L2530, featuring state of the art technology. The laser beam, as a non-contact tool, allows quick, accurate cutting with a narrow kerf.  The precise burr-free edge created by the laser cut is remarkable for its minimal roughness and narrow heat affected zone.

  • Check it out …. The laser allows us to provide the highest quality service and handle jobs of any size and description.
  • Check it out …. The laser holds tight positioning for nesting capabilities, which lowers material costs.
  • Check it out …. The lasting result of the laser’s narrow heat affected zone is the ability of the material used to maintain a high level of quality to conformance.
  • Check it out …. The laser can accommodate a variety of materials including mild steel to 0.8 inch maximum, stainless steel to 0.75 inch maximum, and aluminum to 0.375 maximum.
  • Check it out …. The laser can cut detailed intricate shapes including such complex contours as sharp angles, small holes and narrow webs quickly and economically.

TMM Precision’s laser cutting is the best metal cutting system to produce a precise cut high quality part.