We want to “punch” out some savings for you

TMM Precision continues to rank among the very best when it comes to metal fabrication.  And now we have added a Punch machine to our equipment list.  The TruPunch 1000, a CNC Punch made by Trumpf, is a perfect addition to our existing fleet of machines.  It provides flexibility in punching operations as well as combination processing.

  • A. Is for …. Accuracy as product drawings are imported into the system and parts are produced according to specifications.
  • B. Is for …. Best possible nesting is achieved giving prime cost and time savings to your project, while not limiting production quantities.
  • C. Is for …. Complete contours, separation cuts and precise holes are created quickly.
  • D. Is for …. Detailed processing times and tooling information can be stored and recalled for future jobs.
  • E. Is for …. Experience and expertise in manufacturing components.  You can’t go wrong with TMM Precision.
  • F. Is for …. Forming threads, bending flanges and producing extrusions -  the CNC Punch can do it all!

TMM Precision now provides even faster, more personalized and flexible service to our customers.