The DUELING TREE can be used for practice or competition.

It has four six inch paddles made from the same 500 Brinell steel plate. When you shoot a paddle, it pivots to the opposite side. The unit disassembles for easy transportation.

TR60 Dueling Tree 48” Tall 89 lbs. $352.00

Should not be used as targets for rifles or shotgun Slugs. Misdirected fire could possibly damage the steel base of the unit, thus causing it to malfunction.

We offer a full line of targets for practice, competition and law enforcement. We can also make your custom designs. Our targets are precision laser cut, leaving a much smaller heat-affected zone at the edges than most other methods. We use 3/8 inch thick 500 Brinell hardness steel plate; the same hardened steel used for armor plate, just not certified. Our unique rubber mounting system allows the target to move on impact and produce a ringing sound when hit. You can see and hear the hits – instant gratification! We hear them ring at 600 yards.