Made out of the 3/8” 500 Brinell steel plate, any of these HANGING TARGETS can be used with the Silhouette Stand or the Knockdown Stand. The targets are rubber mounted, so there are no welds to break.

The targets can be set on the Knockdown Stand for static practice or to be knocked to the ground. The power factor can be set for body armor drills (two or more to the body, target stays up; shoot it in the head and the target falls down.)

We price the components separately so that you can design
your own configuration.

TR35 Customs Silhouette 17.5” x 35” 51 lbs. $296.00
TR36 Short Customs 17” x 26.5” 38 lbs. $236.00
TR38 Q Target 12” x 26” 77 lbs. $166.00
TR40 Full IPSC 18” x 30” 56 lbs. $264.00
TR41 Half IPSC 9” x 14” 15 lbs. $88.00
TR42M Mini Q Target 9.5” x 21.5” 20 lbs. $127.00
TR70 Silhouette Stand 56” Tall 19 lbs. $70.00
TR70-48 Silhouette Stand 48” Tall 18 lbs. $68.00
TR80 Knockdown Stand 32” Tall 21 lbs. $90.00